All of our essential oil blends are undiluted and 100% pure, without any chemicals.

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At Leios Essentials, we believe that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. Leios started with a vision for healthier, vibrant skin, our company is built on the promise of sourcing premium ingredients from the picturesque regions of Italy and Greece.

Our Inspiration:
The inspiration behind Leios Essentials stems from the profound understanding that the skin is not just a protective barrier but a canvas that deserves utmost care and attention.

Nature’s Bounty:
From the sun-drenched landscapes of Italy to the serene shores of Greece, our founder’s journeys unveiled the hidden treasures of natural skincare.

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What sets Leios Essentials apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability. We prioritize ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that every ingredient is procured with utmost respect for the environment and local communities. Our dedication to transparency extends to our customers, who can confidently explore the origins and benefits of every element within our products.

With Leios Essentials, we invite you to embrace a skincare journey that celebrates the power of nature and indulges your skin in an enriching experience. Our mission is to empower you with healthier, happier skin, instilling confidence that radiates from within. Join our ever-growing family and embark on a path towards natural beauty and well-being.